Talking turkey: KLG and Hoda hijack the Butterball hotline


For years, harried holiday cooks have relied on the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line to talk them down from the ledge during Thanksgiving freak-outs. Wednesday morning, the ladies were joined via phone by Talk-Line supervisor Marty Van Ness, who was on hand to answer some of the most popular poultry conundrums.

Such things are best left to the experts. But, as Kathie Lee and Hoda are experts on most things, they decided to help Marty man (or actually woman, since Marty is female) the hotline for a bit.

A caller named Debbie had a fresh 35-pound (!!!!) turkey to cook, and she wondered if she could cut it up into pieces rather than bake the whole shebang at once.

"Slice it and dice it," advised Hoda, while KLG thought it was better to just scrap the whole thing and get two smaller birds.

Marty agreed with Hoda that he best thing to do was to carve the turkey into manageable pieces. But the ladies decided to come clean and let Debbie know that Marty was the only real expert on the line.

"We have to reveal ourselves," said KLG. "I'm Kelly Ripa."

"And I'm Regis," said Hoda.

Julieanne Smolinski is a contributor who is now terrified that there are turkeys this big running around.

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