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Couple's wedding day crashed by NATO protesters

Windy City newlyweds Tim and Beth Alberts had their post-wedding photo shoot dramatically interrupted this weekend, by thousands of people marching through Daley Plaza. Thankfully, the demonstrators were there in opposition to the impending NATO summit and not the Alberts' choice of color scheme or unfair conditions in rhinestone factories.


At least 45 people were arrested Sunday after protesters clashed with police. Kathie Lee and Hoda looked over some of the resulting wedding photos this morning, and needless to say, the bride looks a bit perturbed. "Let's get out of here," she said to her wedding party as it became clear the crowd wasn't dissipating. But of course, Kathie Lee looked on the bright side.

"It's like rain on a wedding day… or when a pigeon poops on you," she said. "It's good luck."

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY.com contributor. She thought rain on a wedding day was supposed to be ironic.

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