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'Shore' cast's joke to Snooki: You'll get divorced

Sparks flew Tuesday when the Laverne and Shirley of morning TV met with the Laverne and Shirley of reality programming. That's right: Kathie Lee and Hoda had a summit with J. Woww and Snooki to discuss their new show, "Snooki and J. Woww," and it was beautiful.

Despite her notorious love of the drink, Snooki sipped a virgin, organic cocktail, as she is indeed pregnant with a little meatball, although "You look like you just ate a bagel, not like you're about to give birth," KLG pointed out.

Godmother J .Woww said that Snooki's fiancé Gionni is a great guy, and that yes, the housemates are all friends off the air.

"What makes your relationship unique?" asked Hoda the duo.

"We're real best friends," said Snooki, who added that the "Jersey Shore" cast told her that her upcoming marriage would probably end in divorce, because "that's how they are. They bust your balls, they joke around."

The ladies had a baby gift for Snooki, who is still teetering around on Jersalicious stilettos while with child: flats.

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY.com contributor, tanner, and launderer.


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