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Is dog shaming hilarious? The anchors differ

Can't get your dog to stop eating your socks or treating your lovely carpets like his master bathroom? Well, maybe you should try making him feel guilty in public.

"Dog Shaming" has taken the Internet by storm. Pet owners write down their best friend's misdeed on a piece of paper, drape it on the pet, and post the picture on the internet, usually with the animal looking appropriately cowed. Things like, "I  ate $20," "I peed on the fridge," and of course, "I sniff butts." While its efficacy as a training tool remains in question, it is kinda funny.

At least, Hoda and Kathie Lee thought so. They showed some of their favorites Wednesday, and even made a special one for visiting guest star, Bambino.



But earlier in the broadcast, Al, Savannah and Matt didn't seem to get the joke as much. 

"They shamed a poor dog?" said Matt.
"It's called 'being a dog!'" sad Al.
"It's making me sad," said Savannah.

Al even suggested they make a site to shame the pet owners for shaming the pets. The Internet: it's not for everyone.

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY.com contributor who has gone days without speaking to her fish.

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