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Kathie Lee on Taylor Swift wedding flap: 'It was the bride's day'

Kathie Lee Gifford confirmed reports that Taylor Swift crashed a Kennedy wedding over the weekend in Boston with her boyfriend. She said she saw the music superstar being whisked away from the wedding by beau, Conor Kennedy, after the couple was asked to leave — twice.

“I was out in the hallway, she was waiting, standing around, and he came out, took her by the hand and they left,” Gifford said Thursday on TODAY.

Gifford is the stepmother of Victoria Gifford Kennedy, the mother of the bride, who told her “I’m really not happy about this” as the drama unfolded.

Although Swift’s 18-year-old boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, was invited to the event, he failed to RSVP until he sent a text message to the bride’s mother about an hour before the ceremony.

“She didn’t know if he was coming or not. She heard that he might be, but he got in touch with her an hour earlier, and said, basically, ‘Can I bring my girlfriend?’” Gifford said. “She said very nicely, 'please do not come.' Guess what? They came.”

Gifford said her stepdaughter was concerned that Swift’s last-minute appearance would steal the spotlight away from the ceremony.

“It’s the bride’s day, and that was Vicki’s other concern. ‘This is my daughter’s day and I would appreciate it if you would not come,’” she said.

A call to Swift’s spokeswoman was not immediately returned. However, Paula Erikson denied the account in media reports earlier this week, saying “Taylor was invited to the wedding and the bride thanked her profusely for being there.”

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