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What would you give up for a month of good hair?

The website iVillage asked women what they'd be willing to sacrifice for 30 straight days of perfect locks, and it turns out: a lot. Sex, their iPads, alcohol, and even TV. Perish the thought!

Hoda said she'll stick with keratin treatments, and said that her frizz was so bad when she was little that a hairdresser just kept cutting "the damaged" parts off until he realized that that was just her hair's "resting" state. Luckily, those bad frizz days are behind her.

Kathie Lee suggested she try a wig.

"I wish I had a wig," said Hoda.

"I don't think they come in that size," said Kathie Lee, who quickly ate her words when Hoda pulled out a secret weapon in their ongoing hair wars: a picture of Kathie Lee, with Hoda's hair.


Hoda got a huge kick out of it, but KLG was all I-ain't-even-mad about it.

"I think it's funny because there's no reality to it," she said coolly. Touché, Goldilocks, touché.

What about you? Would you give up booze or TV for a full month of Kathie Lee-level hair perfection? Or would you rather have fly-aways while watching "Homeland" with a huge bowl of pinot grigio?

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY.com contributor who would shave stars on her head before she gave up her "Maury."

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