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Men visit KLG, Hoda in nothing but their undies

The fans in the plaza will sometimes do crazy stuff to get on TV, but the two guys in their underpants behind Kathie Lee and Hoda on Monday were actually there for a good cause.


The pair were freezing their buns off as emissaries for Cupid's Undie Run, a charity run where all of the athletes compete in their underwear.

Chad Leathers started Cupid's Run in 2010 after learning his 11-year-old brother had a debilitating genetic disease that caused tumors to grow in his body. Leathers hopes the run will help raise awareness and funds for the Children's Tumor Foundation.


He visited KLG and Hoda inside the studio Monday morning, and thoughtfully brought along two extra pairs of tiny red briefs, hinting to the ladies, "Actually we've got two spots left."

"This is for Matt Lauer, and this is for Al Roker," KLG and Hoda laughed evilly.

Hey, it's for a good cause!

 Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor prefers to just donate money from home with no pants on.