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Hoda: People are sick of my clothes!


Hoda just can't get enough of her black and white dress (pictured here in six different appearances over the last fourteen months).

While we love Hoda in everything she wears, it seems she's been getting some feedback that she needs to change up her look.

It all started when she tried to give a shout-out to Tina Fey, whose new movie "Admission" is now in theaters, and a picture of Hoda wearing a leopard-print dress at the premiere flashed on the screen.

"Don't even talk about the same dress," she warned KLG, as they both started to laugh. "You know why? I'm running out of clothes!"

"That dress," Kathie Lee said lovingly. "Every time I see that dress, I admire it."

"You know what? People are over all my clothes," Hoda sighed.

"I know!" said KLG.

"They're saying it on Facebook, I read it -- I shouldn't have read," Hoda admitted. "They're like, 'Enough! Retire the black-and-white dress!' I love that dress!"

Kathie Lee and Hoda talk about the day's hot topics, including Hoda's wardrobe.

"Well, then don't wear it on the air," KLG advised. "Wear it other places."

"Well, where else is there to wear it?" Hoda complained. "If not here, then where?"

We investigated the case of Hoda's Repeating Outfits, and it turns out her Facebook fans have a point. She actually has two versions of the black-and-white dress she mentioned, and she's close to wearing them both out: She's worn the short-sleeved one eight times in the last 14 months, and the long-sleeved one has made five appearances.

But we still love it! What do you think — should Hoda mix up her style?

Kyle and Meena are TODAY.com editors who are extremely glad no one is keeping track of how often they wear their outfits.