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Remember the first Fourth Hour ever? A celebratory look back

This week Kathie Lee and Hoda will celebrate their fifth anniversary! That's half a decade of wacky banter and being afraid of animals and getting Anderson Cooper giggly drunk. There's so, so much to celebrate, but why not start at the very beginning? As in, the very first time that they sat down together on TODAY.

Ready? Here are just a few highlights from the original Fourth Hour!

Hoda's bangs:


KLG talking about how she was almost a Charlie's Angel:

Harvey Fierstein saying his biggest regret in life is that he didn't marry Kathie Lee:

KLG wearing Frank's old helmet:


The FIRST Joy Fit club:


The ladies attempting to dance in antigravity boots:

And Hoda's bangs, again, just for good measure.

Grab some popcorn and a goblet of wine, and enjoy some misty water colored memories of the original chat.

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor who cannot and will not get over Hoda's old hair.